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What you need to consider when consulting a hiring firm for your business

Summary: Today, businesses may need to hire consultants to help them deal with complex industry issues and to explore new opportunities. Consultants offer expert strategies and advice to business owners who are in pursuit of accelerated business growth. As things get busier, it might become harder to keep track of management reports, software implementation, taxes […]

Leverage management consulting for post- crisis recovery

Summary: Post-crisis recovery is a long and challenging road for any business. The best way to make strategic, long-term moves that accelerate crisis recovery is by relying on industry expertise and new perspectives. Management consulting services support this necessary, post-crisis business transformation. In this  blog post, we delve into: – The value of external management […]

Trends gazelle 2021 nominee

We are proud to announce that Kronos Group has, once again, been nominated as a Trends Gazelle for the year 2021! This time in the large company category. Every year, Trends Magazine chooses the fastest-growing companies playing an integral role in the development of the economic landscape.  Trends Gazelles are chosen based on the unshakeable […]

What to consider when optimising your business operations in Europe

The business landscape has never been more fast-moving, dynamic or competitive. Today, there are many factors business owners must consider when it comes to running a business in sustainable and profitable ways. One of these all-important strategies is business optimisation. Business optimisation involves finding the best, most cost-effective business processes that help you achieve the best […]

What you should expect from your business consultancy firm

Everything we think we know about running a business is continuously being challenged. This is something I’ve learned over the years I’ve spent in the consultancy field. Economic downturns, national crises, and global pandemics are just some occurrences that can throw your expectations out the window. The point is, it’s not easy to adapt to […]

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