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Our procurement service model

Procurement advisory (purchasing advisory)

Here at Kronos Group, we believe in the transformational power of your procurement operations. Our specialised procurement advisory services are designed to unlock your procurement arm’s full potential. 

Our approach to procurement is value addition for every single aspect of your purchasing and supply chain operations from your procurement personnel to your outsourcing operations. Longstanding partnerships with source-to-pay innovators like Ivalua help us deliver cutting-edge procurement solutions for all our clients.

Find out how our purchasing advisory services create higher value addition for your business operations.

How we can help

Procurement maturity assessment 

In a fast-paced business landscape, swift, accurate transformation is the key to success. Our Maturity Assessment Tool enables us to do just that by quickly scanning your business activities to assess your business’ procurement maturity.

Kronos Group’s skilled procurement advisory team then uses this information to give you customised business optimisation recommendations based on industry best practices.

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Procurement excellence

We guide your procurement transformation through our expertise and excellence programs in:

  • Category strategy and innovation
  • Strategic sourcing
  • SRM: audit, performance management, contract management, and risk management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Procurement business partnering

Reach new heights of procurement excellence with Kronos Group’s expertise.

Procurement transformation

When it comes to developing the procurement function, a business must juggle a host of priorities, stakeholders, and needs. Getting it right is not always easy, but leveraging the right expertise can help you ensure a smooth transition to more optimised and efficient procurement processes. 

Make the most of Kronos Group’s procurement consulting to enjoy procurement transformation down the line.

Our specialised procurement transformation tools

Spend management platform

Initiate your Procurement 4.0 journey with Kronos Group and benefit from our streamlined processes, highly skilled consultants, experience, and advanced spend management platform. Digitalisation has never been easier.

Procurement training

Strategic investments must be made to help procurement reach its true potential.

People development has always been a priority for us at Kronos Group. We have advanced our expertise through our Centre of Excellence and numerous training programmes. Our commitment to this goal has led us to develop best-in-class procurement training including specific global programmes that explore theory, case studies, role play, and best practices in order to inspire exceptional procurement professionals.

We offer:

– Comprehensive training programmes with Kronos Group/UCL Chair on strategic sourcing and procurement

– In-company training: set up your Purchasing Excellence Academy or specialised training to meet specific company requirements

To learn more about Kronos Group’s training programmes, contact

Procurement BPO

Procurement outsourcing service (BPO)

Efficient resource allocation is a priority when it comes to saving time, money, and minimising resource wastage. This efficiency can be enjoyed throughout your organisation when you leverage specialised Procurement BPO services. 

Create room for higher value addition by outsourcing lower value-added operational tasks.

Kronos Group’s specialised outsourcing services include:

  • Spend analysis
  • Category management
  • Tail-spend management
  • Sourcing
  • Transaction management
  • Compliance

Enjoy the highest value-addition your business has seen by outsourcing tasks with Kronos Group. Direct all enquiries to

Spend optimisation

Kronos Group delivers high-impact spend optimisation with our pragmatic seven-step methodology, customised to address unique company costs to address all types of spend and sector.

Operations consulting


Kronos Group’s value-addition goes beyond.

We cover all your bases with our Procurement Interim Management service that provides you with dedicated procurement interim managers, buyers, category managers, procurement managers, and CPOs.

We offer a range of procurement activities from procurement partnering, supplier relationship management, and performance management to risk management, contracting, data analysis, and strategy support.

Our experienced procurement consultants are also well-versed in industry innovations and best practices and have all the tools and knowledge to leverage their expertise to enhance your procurement function.

Everything you need to build a world-class procurement function, all in one place.

Our best practices 

Network: Gain access to an outstanding team of consultants and an extensive network of the top procurement professionals.

Expertise: Kronos Group consultants are continually challenged through our Centre of Excellence, coaching, monthly business case sessions, and boundless network of colleagues with expertise in all categories, procurement processes, and sectors.

Go beyond traditional procurement: Our Soft Skills Development Programme and expertise in finance and project management set our approach to our consultants’ professional development apart.

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Procurement 4.0

Digitalisation is the future of any business. No modern industry, process or operation is complete without some semblance of technology involved.

Procurement maturity model

Achieving procurement transformation is no easy feat. To begin with, a company needs to consider its current processes to ensure a sustainable,

Procurement BPO

A constant priority for any business is adding higher value to their operations. One way to do this is through greater efficiency.

Value of procurement transformation

In a world post-COVID-19, it appears as though there is no end to the challenges businesses must face at every turn.

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