Procurement maturity model

Transform your procurement function from the ground up

Achieving procurement transformation is no easy feat. To begin with, a company needs to consider its current processes to ensure a sustainable procurement maturity model and growth. 

This is where a procurement maturity assessment comes in. 

A procurement maturity assessment provides valuable information for any business. Especially those looking to tap into greater efficiency by enhancing their business model. 

A procurement maturity model evaluates the current procurement standing of a business. This information supports the creation of a strategy that helps a business achieve its goals.

At Kronos Group, we help you build your procurement maturity model through customised business optimisation strategies. These are based on best practices. This is all while relying on the insights yielded by our swift maturity assessment tool. 

Evaluate your critical business functions for greater efficiency. Leverage the insights of a Kronos Group procurement maturity assessment today.

    Our approach to assessing procurement maturity

    We use cutting-edge tools for the swift delivery of business expertise. 

    Our procurement maturity assessment tool scans your business activity and evaluates your procurement function to deliver:

    Customised business optimisation strategies

    Procurement digitalisation

    Sustainable transformation

    Procurement training

    Outsourcing capabilities

    Spend optimisation for procurement efficiency

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