Spend optimisation

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What we do

At Kronos Group, we embrace a thorough approach to cost optimisation, analysing your spend through audits, process improvement, sourcing, and competitive bidding levers. We show you how service-level enhancements, optimised consumption habits, and innovation can generate significant procurement savings and generate high value for our clients. 

We have enriched our knowledge on benchmarking and category assessment tools and have even developed a highly effective 7-step methodology. 

Most companies focus on core spend and overlook up to 20% of their expenditure. At Kronos Group, we collaborate with our clients to ensure that we engineer superior solutions and generate the highest return and value-addition for your company. We help you optimise the following areas of expenditure.

Areas of expenditure

Utilities (gas, electricity and water)

IT and telecommunication



Professional services


Maintenance, repair, and operations

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