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How to build resilient business networks with the support of a finance consultant

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In the wake of digitalisation, and technical innovation taking the lead when it comes to the future of all business operations and processes in every country and industry, it is easy to forget the human value behind it all. 

Placing emphasis on building relationships that power your vital networks will help you form, maintain, and leverage them in mutually beneficial circumstances.

Building resilient business networks is a higher value-added task that a financial consultant can support by helping you: 

Make room for higher value addition: When your supportive framework is optimised and efficient, resources can be reallocated for higher value addition. A financial consultant can help you approach this reallocation in a strategic, pragmatic way. They also help you determine the best way to approach digitalisation so your people are free to take on strategic business relationships. 

Stay up to date on the industry: A professional consultant has knowledge of the industry that they have developed through comprehensive study as well as copious experience and expansive networks. When you consult these professionals, you gain access to all these advantages in one fell swoop. That is why a financial consultant can prove invaluable in every step of the process from freeing up your resources to building resilient networks. 


The human aspect of business is an undeniable aspect of modern-day operations. 

In the current business landscape, with its fast-paced changes, rapid innovations, and break-neck expansion, it is easy to forget the human faces behind it all. 

Failing to pay attention to this aspect or dismiss it, however, will leave you at a massive disadvantage. 

A business network presents mutually beneficial opportunities to all businesses no matter how established they may be. Whether this is to connect you with potential clients, expertise, innovations, practices, or even competitors—your network is an essential part of how you are positioned in your industry and the market at large.

The advantage of having resilient networks is doubly necessary for the global marketplace of contemporary business. The highly competitive environment within which all businesses currently operate makes the landscape simultaneously larger than it has ever been, and much more accessible than it has ever been.

This is a strange dichotomy to navigate, but technology makes it possible to do so seamlessly. The landscape is larger because it contains more companies and players than ever, and it is more accessible because of digitalisation. 

Your business networks play a huge role in helping you navigate this environment and emerge successful. 

Not only will your network help you establish yourself, but it will also give you a footing in new markets and introduce you to new opportunities that are a necessary part of staying competitive and up to date. 

That is why building a stable, resilient business network is a high value-added process. Viewing it as such can change everything. 

Making room for higher value addition

If you approach networking as a higher value-added goal, your company must first have the capacity to support such an approach.

This means that your supporting processes and functions must be optimised and efficient. When this framework is in place, it is easier to move your resources around for higher value addition. 

This is not always a straightforward task. Even if your lower value-added operations are optimised, this does not necessarily mean that your resources will automatically be allocated for higher value addition.

This process must be undertaken with forethought and planning. 

Networking is a time and resource investment that must be made not just to make valuable connections but to retain them over time. If your company has never engaged in networking opportunities actively or strategically, you may be at a loss as to where you should begin. 

That is where a finance consultant can help. A financial consultant is attuned to the best practices involved in managing your finances and ensuring that your investments are bringing in the highest possible returns. 

They not only ensure that your lower value-added tasks are optimised and efficient but can support the reallocation of resources to higher value-added endeavours. 

Your business consultant can also guide your digitalisation efforts through intelligent spend by helping you determine what machines can—and should—do, and what tasks should not be delegated to automation. 

When these processes are tasked to the relevant parties, your people can focus on what they can do best; developing strategic industry relationships. 

Staying up to date on the industry

A finance consultant, in their traditional role, can help your company optimise your financial processes through integrated, cutting-edge methodologies and industry-leading practices. 

The right business consultant has their own experience of the field to draw from as well as dynamic business opportunities that boost their expertise. They are also skilled in the art of optimising your finance function by boosting the efficiency of your other processes such as procurement consulting and spend management

On top of this function, however, a finance consultant is also an independent leader. They have knowledge of the industry and access to a wide network of specialists for best practices sharing and industry updates.

When you work with a finance consultant, you gain access to their knowledge as well as their network. 

Work with the right financial consultants to build more resilient networks

A business network is a necessity for any organisation, regardless of size or industry. 

These networks must be maintained continuously because that is the only way to uphold resilience. 

Resilience in your business networks is what helps you accelerate your crisis management and recovery process and continue your business operations in the wake of the many challenges that the current business environment poses. 

If your network does not have this level of resilience, it may expose your organisation to external threats and vulnerabilities. 

The support of a financial consultant can help you through every stage in this process; from optimising your framework to make room for higher value addition, reallocating resources towards strategic partnerships, maintaining these networks through sustainable business efficiency, providing access to a wider network to enjoying the benefits of a resilient business network.

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Julie Brand

A part of Kronos Group’s team since 2018, Julie is a leader who has honed her specialisation in business transformation and utilised her expansive financial expertise to power business strategy and add value to what we do. She has amassed experience (Pfizer, Sony, AXA, SMEC, Tradelink) all over the world in strategy, project management, analysis, and supply chain.