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Does finance outsourcing support sustainable globalisation?

Summary While globalisation has many benefits, opening up many opportunities and advantages for global advancement, the current methods being used also have a negative impact on the environment and disadvantaged communities.  Companies must leverage every process for higher value addition and efficient resource allocation so they can not only reduce their negative impact, but contribute […]

Can finance training reduce the risk of fraud?

Summary  The current business landscape is more susceptible to fraud than ever before. This is a result of globalisation and the wide-scale digitalisation trends that make globalisation possible.  Globalisation is necessary in the contemporary environment, but the changing regulations between country borders and the lack of consistent laws all contribute to a greater risk of […]

What does the EU’s latest regulations on foreign subsidies mean for finance and procurement?

Summary The newest regulations proposed by the EU fulfil the express purpose of analysing non-EU foreign subsidies that fell into a regulatory gap before the proposal of the newest regulations.  For the governing process, the EU has also introduced three key tools including: The investigation of foreign contributions valued at a minimum of €50 million […]

How financial transformation can help businesses overcome the adverse effects of a financial crisis

Summary With the volatility of the modern market and the global crises it must face, businesses have been forced to adapt to survive.  Financial transformation has become a necessity not just to keep up with current trends, but to survive in the face of a crisis.  To execute a powerful transformation, which can provide a […]

Why finance advisory should be embraced as a regular process instead of an external intervention

Summary A financial advisor combines their expansive knowledge and individual experience when it comes to delivering value to their clients. Not only do they succeed in adding value to their field of specialisation, but this extends to your entire company as well. A business has a lot to gain from embracing these services as a […]

How finance consulting helps you optimise your financial results and sustainability

Summary Internal finance strategising is important to help a business create specific objectives. External finance consulting, however, adds a valuable perspective and insight to your business.  Finance consulting can help you: Gain access to a wealth of experienced insights: Experience and industry knowledge join forces in a finance consultant to provide lasting advantages to a […]

Spend more time with your customers with an optimised finance back office: Finance 4.0 in Belgium

Summary: Finance 4.0 in Belgium ushers in the future of the finance industry in an increasingly digitalised world. It also optimises the function for greater efficiency and higher value-added tasks.  In this post, we delve into best practices that help companies make the most of digitalisation including: Why you need a strategy to facilitate Finance […]

Finance transformation in Belgium: Build financial resilience and sustainability with digitalisation

Summary: Finance transformation requires a concerted effort across every business function to maintain efficiency. It also requires a future-focused approach to business processes.   Discover, in detail, how digitalisation ultimately helps build financial resilience and sustainability for finance transformation. Finance transformation in Belgium is a continuous process of improvement. As the market changes and priorities shift, […]

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