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Corporate finance risk management: The long-term value it promises

Summary Risks abound in the contemporary market, and while a business cannot distance itself from every single one of these risks, what it can do is establish a risk management framework that helps identify and categorise these risks.  The three main approaches to risks are avoidance, mitigation, and acceptance, which accounts for a range of […]

Sustainable finance strategy: Spearheading a greener future

Summary  Sustainability may not be a recent goal, but it has gathered importance in recent years and is now a priority that is prompting swift policy changes and action by industries and governments around the world.  While the European Union has already set its sights on carbon neutrality by 2050, European companies must take steps […]

2022 predictions for the financial services industry

Summary  The past two years have been defining moments for the business landscape, characterised by rapid changes and short-term survival strategies.  In 2022, businesses must start looking to the future and taking strategic steps to drive new priorities and strategies that will change the course of industries as a whole.  More investments will be made […]

What are the priorities of finance digitalisation in the new normal?

Summary While financial systems are generally slow on the uptake when it comes to digital transformation, the current market demands the swift adoption of cutting-edge technology.  Even the most up-to-date system you maintain today will be obsolete in a matter of months or even weeks. It is vital that a company’s finance digitalisation is governed […]

How to drive value to your financial reporting in an era of specialisation

Summary In the current business landscape, forming a competitive advantage and sustaining it can prove to be impossible. The right approach to continuous optimisation and evolution, however, can offer a business a better chance at survival. What is the main purpose of reporting? Reporting on financial performance is a regular business practice. The insights provided […]

Finance advisory and its role in the green transformation of Europe’s financial institutions

Summary  Europe has taken a turn for the green in recent years but the fulfilment of these goals rely on industries and companies supporting them—swiftly. Critical sectors, however, are falling behind, and financial institutions are among them.  ESG priorities have been a governing force of sustainable development over the years, but reports show that financial […]

How does sustainable finance drive value to the bottom line?

Summary The move towards greater sustainability in finance, with a focus on ESG priorities, is set to become an industry worth €1.2 trillion over the next few years. It is clear that sustainability is the future of the industry, which means that bottom lines will soon begin to depend on meeting these priorities. Sustainability supports […]

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