Month: May 2020

The covid-19 crisis:
how to mitigate the
risks to
your business

The rapidity with which COVID-19 spread through the world left many businesses unprepared for the far-reaching effects of the pandemic. This situation is still evolving. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, manager, or employee, the business landscape has changed and you must take steps to adjust to the ‘new normal’. As someone who has been […]

Crisis management solutions: implement a procure-to-pay solution in 8 weeks

When it comes to recovering from an unprecedented global crisis like COVID-19, we know that the solution isn’t as easy as looking for ways to increase revenue. When it comes to recovery strategies, at Kronos Group, we consider sustainable ways to grow. Through our Crisis Management Solutions webinar series, we provide pragmatic, actionable, step-by-step methodologies that […]

Webinar : optimise your business in the wake of covid-19

The full economic impact of COVID-19 on businesses is yet to be realised, but every industry around the world has had to adapt to these circumstances. Finances must be reorganised, working practices must be adapted for the safety of the workforce, and in all aspects of the production process, diligent safety and hygiene standards must be adhered […]

Webinar: crisis management solutions during covid-19

The question businesses in every corner of the world are facing during these uncertain times is how to continue operations during, and in the aftermath of, COVID-19. Moreover, the question of remaining financially viable while creating a safe environment for employees is another concern that hangs heavy on the minds of business owners. One thing […]

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