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The advantages of procurement business partnering for gradual COVID-19 recovery in 2021

Summary COVID-19 changed the business landscape as we know it, permanently.  The priorities that face businesses in the new normal must be informed by the lessons learned as a result of the pandemic. The future of procurement, therefore, has a renewed focus on knowledge building and the value of professionals driving the development of organisations […]

WEBINAR RECAP: How procurement consulting achieves business efficiency on a timeline

Summary In the wake of COVID-19, higher value addition across our business processes is vital. How do digitalisation and greater efficiency help us achieve this? The role digitalisation plays in people-driven procurement: Despite the digital future of virtually every business process, the personal relationships between businesses and suppliers are set to play a major role […]

Why the cost and effort of remote procurement training may be what your company needs

Summary Getting accustomed to the new normal means that your business operations must move away from short-term survival and towards driving value in more sustainable ways. Having witnessed the impact of COVID-19 in 2020, we know this means preparing for a future of remote working. Training helps your teams work together: Due to the nature […]

Procurement BPO: how leveraging specialisation helps fight the climate crisis

Summary The relationship between a business and the environment is often complex and full of hidden contradictions. Given the current global climate, however, the need for eco-conscious business operations has never been higher. Here is how procurement BPO can help a business achieve this integrated goal.  Outsourcing supports more efficient resource allocation: Specialisation cannot be […]

The role of e-procurement in the purchasing process

Summary All businesses are on the path to digitalisation. The rapid pace at which technology adapts, however, means that this journey is in constant progress.  Benefitting from the many advantages of a more streamlined digital procurement process enhances your business from the inside-out. It helps you: Create transparency: transparency is a valuable feature for any […]

Why procurement transformation should be a priority for your business post-crisis

Summary  Procurement transformation is a business-wide move towards streamlining and improving your procurement function for greater efficiency and effectiveness. This is especially useful, post-crisis, to strengthen your business operations and optimise them for accelerated recovery. By giving effect to purchasing transformation, you create higher-value addition through: Sustainable crisis management and recovery: As we adapt to […]

Develop the human capital, resilience, and performance of your organisation through procurement training

Summary: Procurement training can add significant value to more than just your procurement function. When you enhance the performance of your procurement arm, your entire organisation benefits. Discover how procurement training enhances human capital, business resilience, and business performance by adding value to every critical function. Respondents who worked at companies with fewer than 100 […]

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