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The 3 key qualities of a skilled purchasing manager

Summary: Critical business functions require the most support in order to function effectively and sustainably. That is why a purchasing manager plays a vital role in your business operations. A skilled purchasing manager: 1. Continuously works to improve the purchasing processes of a business2. Balances the priorities and objectives of a business3. Protects procurement systems […]

Global supply chain resilience and procurement consulting

Summary: Supply chain resilience refers to your company’s ability to withstand a crisis and return to efficiency, post-crisis. While resilience is a critical characteristic of every business operation, it is especially important to support vulnerable business processes such as supply chain management. Procurement consulting expertise has the ability to help businesses withstand crises and leverage […]

4 ways to help your business achieve procurement excellence

Procurement excellence is achieved when procurement strategies and programmes are aligned with the overall objectives of an organisation. This helps define the strategic direction of the company as a whole, as it mitigates the risks that are inherent to the procurement process. It may seem like every business professional has a wholly unique definition of what […]

The importance of a skilled procurement manager for your business

A procurement manager is often tasked with planning, coordinating, and dealing with buyers and purchasing departments in various organisations. Procurement is more than just purchasing, although the two are often used interchangeably. While this lack of distinction doesn’t have too much of an impact on smaller companies, the larger your company grows and the more established […]

5 ways to
transform procurement efficiency

Building an efficient procurement function has an undeniably positive effect, not only on the function, itself, but for your business as a whole. It helps you create better business and financial strategies, run your business more effectively on a day-to-day basis, and plan more strategically for the future. Given the work we do at Kronos […]

Do you want to inspire the next procurement generation?

Do you want to inspire the next Procurement generation? Your task is simple: Welcome a group of 4-5 students from the KG Chair in Strategic Sourcing & Procurement at Université catholique de Louvain for an hour interview. You Don’t have to prepare anything. The students will asl you general questions about the Procurement function and will have […]

Save the date – webinar- digital transformation in purchasing.

How to create more value thanks to your suppliers and partners? (06/27 @ 11am) Thanks to digitalization, new opportunities are emerging that allow you to transcend collaboration with your suppliers. A new generation of SRM tools allows you to improve performance, truly collaborate / co-innovate, better manage risk and be more efficient. We invite you to […]

What an amazing week for ivalua : + $1b valuation & p2p leader award from procurement leaders

Proud to partner with such a dynamic procurement solutions leader and inspiring organization! Congratulations to the Ivalua teams for these great achievements and looking forward to a very promising future. #Kronosgroup #Ivalua #consulting #procurementleaders #consultingservices #procurement #digitaltransformation #loveprocurement #cpo #letsmakeprocurementawesome #procurementconsulting  

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