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How project management training can sustain diversity in global businesses

Summary The key to ensuring sustainability in your business’ diversity strategies is in your framework. Your framework must be sustainable enough to develop the way that it approaches the core values of diversity and inclusion.  Diversity is not an overnight goal that can be ticked off a checklist. It requires a concerted effort from all […]

What agile project management can learn from the global COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Summary The COVID-19 outbreak may have caught the world by surprise, but the ensuing race to develop, produce, and vaccinate global populations have proved just as challenging. The aftermath leaves businesses, countries, and individuals with many lessons to be learnt. For businesses, these lessons extend to critical business functions like project management.  In this blog […]

The value of project management consulting for European SMEs

Summary SMEs drive more value to the European market than they are given credit for. Despite making up 99% of EU organisations, small and medium-sized enterprises often do not have the resources or future-based focus to invest in the right value-addition opportunities.  Project management advisory strikes the perfect balance of providing external insights without taxing […]

Why businesses need to invest more in project management advisory in 2021

Summary 2021 follows a year of great turmoil. The effects of 2020 are long-lasting and require special efforts to overcome the lingering impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. Here is why project management consulting offers a unique method for businesses to boost their value in 2021.  It builds internal value: There are three main ways through […]

How procurement outsourcing services in Belgium can boost your performance post-COVID-19

Summary: Procurement outsourcing services shift lower value-added operations to external experts.  Read Kronos Group’s blog post to discover: How procurement outsourcing services create opportunities for growth in the market  How procurement outsourcing services improve cost-efficiency   How business specialisation is created through procurement outsourcing services During COVID-19, it became clear that while a lockdown was the […]

How to source expert project management professionals in the netherlands

Summary: Choosing the right individual, team or organisation to deliver projects for your business is essential to your growth and success. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and other stakeholders should know what to look for when deciding who should manage their projects. Because projects are designed to develop new products, services or processes, it is vital that […]

Understanding quality management for project management excellence

Summary: Project quality management includes the processes and activities that determine the policies, objectives, and responsibilities of a project, which are formulated to ensure its objectives are met. Project quality management relies on policies and procedures to implement, within the project’s context, the organisation’s quality management system. It also supports continuous process improvement as undertaken […]

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