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Can project management training drive the widespread adoption of robust ethical standards?

Summary  While the concept of ethics governing business policies, practices, and processes has been around for decades, it has experienced a resurgence in recent years.  This new focus on ethics is largely motivated by the increased transparency and availability of information that digitalisation creates.  Ethical standards go beyond widely applicable laws and regulations that govern […]

How can project management advisory help companies manage emotional intelligence and drive project success?

Summary What makes a successful and valuable employee has changed over the years. In the current landscape, emotional intelligence has emerged as a valuable characteristic that can drive project success.  Emotional intelligence is the ability to not just understand and glean information from emotions but also make it a source of energy, unique skill, and […]

Improving timeline visualisation through project management training

Summary   Timelines are a critical tool through which you can stay on track to achieving your goals and objectives and create more accurate business strategies for the future.  In order to carry out timeline visualisation as accurately as possible, you must cover all aspects from estimated timelines before project inception, real-time charts to ensure that […]

WEBINAR RECAP: Are procurement outsourcing services the key to procurement optimisation?

Summary When driving procurement optimisation, the only way to ensure that your strategies are aligned with the global future and contemporary business landscape is to put forth a framework that supports and sustains your value addition.  For many, this means leveraging the capabilities of digitalisation and cutting-edge innovation, but often, digitalisation is not enough to […]

Maturity assessments and a reliable procurement, finance, and project management strategy

Summary Strategy is paramount in any business venture. Whether it is to guide your overall business or to reach a specific goal, your company needs strategies for every critical function in order to stay competitive and ahead of the curve.  The best way to ensure that function-specific strategies are creating sustainable infrastructure and supporting more […]

How project management training can sustain diversity in global businesses

Summary The key to ensuring sustainability in your business’ diversity strategies is in your framework. Your framework must be sustainable enough to develop the way that it approaches the core values of diversity and inclusion.  Diversity is not an overnight goal that can be ticked off a checklist. It requires a concerted effort from all […]

What agile project management can learn from the global COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Summary The COVID-19 outbreak may have caught the world by surprise, but the ensuing race to develop, produce, and vaccinate global populations have proved just as challenging. The aftermath leaves businesses, countries, and individuals with many lessons to be learnt. For businesses, these lessons extend to critical business functions like project management.  In this blog […]

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