Procurement 4.0: What influences the
digitalisation of procurement and supply chains?

Build business resilience with procurement 4.0.

Why is digitalisation the driving force behind business transformation?

Digitalisation is the future of any business. No modern industry, process or operation is complete without some semblance of technology involved. 

This is especially true for more vulnerable, central functions like procurement and supply chains.

The best way to strengthen procurement and supply chain operations is to turn to digitalisation. Procurement 4.0 ensures that this transformation is felt through every business operation, moving your business forward into the future of procurement and supply chain operations.  

Implementing the best, most up-to-date solutions requires a shift towards Procurement 4.0. This shift is not always simple because while there are plenty of digital solutions available on the market, not all solutions will help you reach your specific business objectives. 

Leverage Procurement 4.0 for greater business success today with targeted insights from industry professionals.

Explore Kronos Group procurement 4.0 transformation solutions today.

    Our approach to Procurement 4.0

    Enhance the efficiency of your procurement operations by adopting a future-focused procurement strategy with Procurement 4.0. 

    Industry 4.0 is all about ushering in the future of modern business practices. Procurement 4.0 is the purchasing and supply chain aspect of these efforts to modernise the procurement industry. 

    There is no single way to achieve Procurement 4.0 because each business has its own goals and, as a result, has its own framework through which these goals can be achieved. Our Procurement 4.0 framework is designed to complement your current processes and the goals you have set for yourself.

    Discover how Kronos Group can help you implement cutting-edge Procurement 4.0 for sustainable growth and development through:

    Category strategy and innovation

    Strategic sourcing

    SRM: audit, performance management, contract management, and risk management

    Performance monitoring

    Procurement business partnering

    Explore our latest insights on the procurement, finance and project management fields.

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