Month: March 2019

UCL/CEMS – congrats to the winning team!

4 teams of talented students competed to present the best procurement strategies on a specific case in 4 weeks. Great recommendations and teamwork! We were also delighted to exchange with students and to generate interest regarding a career in Procurement. *The “CEMS – LSM” is a 2 years International Management Program from the Global Alliance […]

Webinar supplier relationship management solution (28/03)

6Willing to learn how to get more value from your suppliers & partners? Thanks to digitalization, new opportunities arise to team up with your suppliers. More than just supplier repositories, a new generation of SRM tools allow you to enhance performance, manage risks and be more efficient. We invite you to discover a new way of working through this one-hour webinar. Register now! […]

Let’s go (even more) green!

Sustainability is part of Kronos Group key values. 5 months ago we started a unique pilot initiative to reduce our carbon footprint while improving the safety of our drivers The 2nd part of the challenge has now started and is extended to the whole company. Thanks to the willingness of our employees as well as […]

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