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Jcal 2018

Kronos Group sera guest speaker à la JCAL ce jeudi 18 Octobre sur la thématique    « Quelles sont les tendances, priorités et évolutions au sein des fonctions #Achats, #Logistique et #SupplyChain? » Catherine Van Wonterghem, partner de Kronos Group, animera un atelier  «  La consultance dans les achats – Comment démultiplier vos moyens pour mieux atteindre vos objectifs ? […]

Kronos Group webinar: Crisis management – eAuction

An eAuction is a transaction that takes place on an electronic marketplace between sellers/auctioneers, bidders/suppliers, between businesses, between a business and its clients or between two consumer parties. Despite the advantages of eAuctions, however, there is resistance from procurement professionals when it comes to leveraging this function. This means that while eAuctions are recognised as a […]

Webinar : optimise your business in the wake of covid-19

The full economic impact of COVID-19 on businesses is yet to be realised, but every industry around the world has had to adapt to these circumstances. Finances must be reorganised, working practices must be adapted for the safety of the workforce, and in all aspects of the production process, diligent safety and hygiene standards must be adhered […]

Webinar: crisis management solutions during covid-19

The question businesses in every corner of the world are facing during these uncertain times is how to continue operations during, and in the aftermath of, COVID-19. Moreover, the question of remaining financially viable while creating a safe environment for employees is another concern that hangs heavy on the minds of business owners. One thing […]

Return to performance in 30 days

If you’re a business owner, manager or employee on the lookout for job opportunities or are a stakeholder in any business, then you’re probably apprehensive about what the economic effects of COVID-19 will be on business activity and performance. Whichever category you fall into, Kronos Group’s Crisis Management Webinar Series can give you the answers you’re […]

Save the date – webinar – digital disruption in procurement

How to become best in class in Contract Management? By attending this webinar, you will learn how to: • Better manage your contracts: o Better efficiency & organization o Collaborate more easily o Embed supplier performance from the beginning o Communicate more efficiently • Assess your maturity level • Avoid common mistakes in your transformation […]

Webinar supplier relationship management solution (28/03)

6Willing to learn how to get more value from your suppliers & partners? Thanks to digitalization, new opportunities arise to team up with your suppliers. More than just supplier repositories, a new generation of SRM tools allow you to enhance performance, manage risks and be more efficient. We invite you to discover a new way of working through this one-hour webinar. Register now! […]

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