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Why you should consider working with procurement experts to save money and boost efficiency in your organisation


When selecting procurement specialists to work with, it is important to understand what defines an expert in the area of procurement, as this knowledge will assist you with choosing the right specialist that best fits your organisation.

This is a key factor for determining how working with experts in procurement can be beneficial for organisations. As the advantages are bountiful, organisations stand to gain a lot in return by making this move.

Finally, you must know how to choose the ideal procurement experts that best fit your organisation as only the right professional can avail the many benefits and returns for your organisation.

Efficiency and savings from the procurement function can be significant enough to determine the difference between success and failure for many organisations. 

Procurement divisions have many other departments of the business depending on it, as a key task fulfilled involves the process of sourcing goods and services (many of which are necessary for the organisation to function) from external suppliers. 

Thus, the procurement process involves a lot of planning, negotiation, and coordination with suppliers, and performs a critical role in the overall business operations. It can be quite challenging for organisations to manage procurement on their own, especially if they lack the necessary expertise and resources. 

Read on as we discuss why you should consider working with experts in the procurement space to save money and boost efficiency in your organisation.

What defines an expert in the area of procurement?

Procurement experts are professionals who specialise in managing the procurement process of organisations. 

They have a thorough understanding of procurement best practices, market trends, and supplier management, and have the expertise to apply their specialist knowledge effectively to fit and drive results from a wide variety of procurement processes across a multitude of industries.

An expert in procurement can work in-house or as an external consultant, and they generally assume the responsibility for developing procurement strategies, sourcing suppliers, negotiating contracts, and managing supplier relationships.

How can working with experts in procurement be beneficial for organisations?

Working with experts in procurement can avail several advantages for your organisation. Here are some of the main advantages:

Better cost savings

Competent experts in procurement are trained to negotiate the best deals with suppliers, which can lead to significant cost savings for your organisation. 

They will have access to market intelligence, and they can use this information to negotiate better prices, terms, and conditions with suppliers. Procurement specialists can also identify cost-saving opportunities in your procurement process and implement strategies to reduce costs.

Increased operational efficiency

Specialists in procurement can help streamline your procurement process, reducing the time and effort required to manage procurement. 

These experts can identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your procurement process and implement best practices to improve efficiency. They can also help you implement and develop procurement policies and procedures that are aligned with your organisation’s goals and objectives.

Effective supplier management

Managing supplier relationships can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if your organisation deals with several suppliers. Working with specialists in procurement can help you manage your supplier relationships effectively, ensuring that you get the best value from your suppliers. 

They can nurture existing vendor relationships to make them stronger and effortlessly build new relationships with new vendors. They can also help you evaluate supplier performance, manage supplier contracts, and identify new suppliers that can meet your organisation’s needs.

Enhanced risk management

Experts in the area of procurement can help you identify and mitigate risks associated with the procurement process more swiftly and effectively. 

By developing risk management strategies that address supplier risks, contract risks, and compliance risks, they can help organisations mitigate risks significantly. These experts can also help you develop contingency plans that ensure the continuity of supply in case of supply chain disruptions.

How can you choose the ideal procurement experts that best fit your organisation?

Choosing the right procurement specialist is critical to the success of your organisation’s procurement process. Here are some factors to consider when choosing an expert for your procurement functions:

Expertise and experience

When choosing experts in procurement, you should look for professionals who have the necessary expertise and experience to meet your organisation’s procurement needs. They should have a strong understanding of procurement best practices, market trends, and supplier management. 

You should also consider their experience in your industry or sector and their track record of delivering results successfully. Having a great breadth of expertise will allow the chosen expert to make long-term improvements to your procurement process and strategies, such as through procurement interim management

Reputation and references

It is essential to check the reputation of the procurement professionals that you are considering working with. 

You can do this by checking their references, reading reviews from past clients, and researching their professional backgrounds. This information can help you assess their credibility, reliability, and quality of service.

Cost and value

When choosing procurement specialists, you should also consider the cost of their services and the value they can bring to your organisation. 

It is advisable to compare the cost of their services to the potential cost savings and efficiency improvements they can deliver. It is also essential to consider their pricing structure and whether they offer flexible or fixed pricing.

Communication and collaboration

Good communication and collaboration are essential when working with external specialists in procurement.

Choose professionals who can communicate effectively with your team and stakeholders and collaborate with them to develop procurement strategies that align with your organisation’s goals and objectives.

Optimise procurement spending and generate quick results by working with a procurement specialist with a strong track record and expert-level knowledge

Having a procurement interim manager can help your organisation find new approaches to tackle complex problems and ultimately lead to cost-effective procurement spend.
Realign your procurement function towards reducing procurement costs and delivering reliable results by partnering with a specialist who has expert knowledge in all aspects of procurement interim management to boost procurement efficiency and the profitability of your organisation.

Julie Brand

A part of Kronos Group’s team since 2018, Julie is a leader who has honed her specialisation in business transformation and utilised her expansive financial expertise to power business strategy and add value to what we do. She has amassed experience (Pfizer, Sony, AXA, SMEC, Tradelink) all over the world in strategy, project management, analysis, and supply chain.