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Month: June 2020

The best ways to optimise business finances during covid-19

Recovering from a crisis can be a long and costly affair. COVID-19 was a completely unprecedented global crisis that caught the entire world, let alone businesses, unprepared. Many organisations struggled to stay afloat and were forced to close their doors, while the ones that did survive the crisis contended with what’s now known as the […]

How a finance consultant
can help you grow
your small business

As someone who has been part of the business consultancy sector for many years now, I have first-hand experience of the transformative effects that skilled, professional guidance can have on small businesses. A finance consultant, in particular, has the expertise and unbiased perception of your company required to enable business transformation. Business transformation is different for small […]

Kronos Group webinar: Crisis management – eAuction

An eAuction is a transaction that takes place on an electronic marketplace between sellers/auctioneers, bidders/suppliers, between businesses, between a business and its clients or between two consumer parties. Despite the advantages of eAuctions, however, there is resistance from procurement professionals when it comes to leveraging this function. This means that while eAuctions are recognised as a […]

What you should expect from your business consultancy firm

Everything we think we know about running a business is continuously being challenged. This is something I’ve learned over the years I’ve spent in the consultancy field. Economic downturns, national crises, and global pandemics are just some occurrences that can throw your expectations out the window. The point is, it’s not easy to adapt to […]

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Julie Brand

A part of Kronos Group’s team since 2018, Julie is a leader who has honed her specialisation in business transformation and utilised her expansive financial expertise to power business strategy and add value to what we do. She has amassed experience (Pfizer, Sony, AXA, SMEC, Tradelink) all over the world in strategy, project management, analysis, and supply chain.