Month: February 2020

Cpo event (21/03)

A unique opportunity for leading CPO’s to share, brainstorm and identify the winning strategies & roadmap to be ahead of the digital curve! Constantin Blome – Head of the Kronos Group Chair in Procurement (UCL/LSM) – as well as senior experts from Kronos Group, will be glad to facilitate this session and bring fresh insights to the debate. […]

Welcome to our 14 interns!

14 interns from the UCL/LSM just started with Kronos Group for 3 months! We are glad to offer them a first professional experience.They will have the opportunity to develop their skills in various fields: procurement, finance, supply chain… A warm welcome to Hadrien Meulders, Julie Desmette, Martin DelahayeBrandon Smal,  Karim Rouziyev, Line Baland, Noéline Defacqz, Sébastien Macq, Nicolas Sanchez Manconi, Aurore Danneels, Gelly Bimwala, Romain GÉRARD, sandoz […]

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